MSNBC: CEO’s Should Be Thrown in Jail for Doing Exactly What the Government Wanted Them To Do

Here’s, on the issue of charging the CEO’s of the financial institutions allegedly “responsible for” the financial crisis, and then throwing them in jail:

It may be awhile before these cases are brought to trial. For one thing, the investment schemes at the heart of the financial meltdown reached a level of complexity that is now confounding the same rocket scientists who created these pools of mortgage-backed bonds. Trillions of dollars worth of these investments were sold based on intricate computer models that turned out to be fatally flawed. Unwinding this mess will take time. So will piecing together the lengthy paper trail to show a jury just how these schemes worked.

The problem is compounded by the legal standard required to prove guilt in a financial crime. You have to show, essentially, that the people who created this mess knew at the time what they were doing was wrong, and that they knew they were taking other people’s money through deceptive means. [Emphasis added.]

Yes, it’s just too bad, isn’t it, that there are “legal standards” “compounding” the “problem” of why those evil CEO’s can’t just be thrown in jail on general principle alone. And, of course, what the “people who created this mess” did wasn’t actually wrong at the time they did it, or, at least, it wasn’t illegal–but that’s probably just another unfortunate “legal standard” for this story’s writer.

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