More on the Popularity of Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged

Just some additional tidbits, care of The Objective Standard:

Sales of Atlas Shrugged since its publication have reached a total of 6,500,000, with a record annual sale of 180,000 copies in 2007—the 50th anniversary year of the novel. The numbers indicated in the Zogby surveys [where 8.1% of respondents said they read Atlas Shrugged] implies three or more readers of each copy sold.

These millions of readers of Atlas Shrugged must recognize recent political and economic events as a disconcerting echo of scenes from the novel. The novel records a future society gradually collapsing from the cumulative effect of ever-increasing government intervention in the economy and in the individual lives of citizens—with catastrophic consequences. Each step in the disintegration of society becomes a justification for further government intervention and suppression of freedom until the economy is abandoned by its few remaining productive citizens. [Emphasis added.]

The bit in bold should seem familiar, unfortunately.

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