Mark Cuban Misses the Principle Again: Cable vs. the FCC

Again, Mark Cuban’s a smart guy, but again he misses the principle:

You may not know it, but the cable industry is fighting a battle for the future of the internet. In the grand scheme of things, I think both the FCC and the Cable and Satellite industries want to see the internet thrive. In this case I believe the FCC is making a mistake.

Every now and then, things get a little confused and in this case the confusion is going to cause the internet to take a hit. It could be a potentially big hit, and the only group fighting it is the cable industry, and yours truly.

The Cable industry has been doing exactly what every internet user in search of more bandwidth wants them to do, converting analog versions of channels to digital.  Each analog channel takes up 38mbs of bandwidth. Thats right.  CSPAN takes up more bandwidth than you have available to you for internet services. Crazy isnt it ?

The principle is that it’s not government’s legititimate responsibility nor authority to get involved in this transaction between a provider of a service and its customers. Decisions like this need to be made by free people making voluntary transactions, not by government at the point of a gun.

Until that distinction is made, discussions like Cuban’s above are worthless, and worse: they lend credence to the notion that the FCC or any government agency has the right to make these sorts of decisions.

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