Macintosh and OS X not the End-All, Be-All

I’ve been using a Macbook Pro (early 2008 model) since May of this year, for two reasons: to gain a better understanding of OS X for any technical work I’d like to do, and so that I can answer Apple zealots who insist that OS X is to Windows (Vista, in particular) what a Mercedes is to a Yugo.

My experience so far is that while the Macbook Pro is definitely a fine machine, albeit with its own issues, OS X is simply not all that it’s cracked up to be. I was expecting to find myself more productive working in OS X than in Vista, but after using the operating systems side-by-side for months now, I’m finding that expectation to be thoroughly discredited. I’m not more productive in OS X, and in fact in many ways I’m less productive.

I hope to find some time soon to blog on this in more detail, or perhaps even to write a short ebook on the topic (for sale, even), but in the meantime: if you’re deciding between a Vista machine and a Mac based on the idea that OS X will make you more productive and a happier computer user, I’d reconsider. Make sure you spend some significant time on both platforms, if you can, and in particular make sure that all of the software you need to work and play is available on either.

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