Life Under Obama

For an idea of what life under Obama is going to be like, try visiting Boing Boing. Seriously. If you like it there, then you’ll like the next four years (yes, I’m predicting an Obama victory). If not, well, that sucks for you.

Update: For example, imagine–just imagine!–what would happen to a Web site that was as racist in regard to Obama as this Boing Boing post is misogynist in regard to Palin: 

What makes Sarah happiest right now is that she has the attention of a great many men. If her favorite thing is telling herself she will be the next president of the United States each time she passes a reflective surface, her second favorite thing is to sit in a conference room full of men in their crisp, slightly sweaty dress shirts and designer slacks with their earnestness and condescension and turn away from the table just enough to slowly cross and uncross her legs. She’ll allow her eyes to crinkle, the corners of her mouth turning up slightly and she’ll lean forward just enough for her blouse to part. She’ll watch them and the predictable way their eyes follow the toned muscles of her calves up to her breasts. They’ll clear their throats and adjust their ties and shift uncomfortably in their seats. She knows what they’re thinking—they’re thinking if they play their cards right, they too could be fucking the next president of the United States.

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