Good Investment: 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of The Cosby Show

From a sense-of-life perspective, The Cosby Show remains one of the best TV shows ever made. It’s probably the best family show. So, I’m pretty excited about the imminent release of the 25th Anniversary Commemorative edition.

Money’s tight, but this is well worth it. In Cosby’s own words:

It was Cosby’s firm belief in parental responsibility — and aggravation over ’80s programs — that shaped the creation of “The Cosby Show,” out this week in a boxed DVD set of the complete series.

“I was not happy with what we used to call family TV in those days. …They had all these shows where you just dropped to one knee and fired, then a car blew up or a plant blew up — all this dopamine-raising violence,” he said.

At a time when the sitcom genre appeared near death, the few family comedies that aired were especially dismaying.

“The situation comedies were failing because they had children seemingly who had taken over the house. In a sense, TV comedy writers and producers had decided they would no longer have a family where grown people were making corrections and kids were going through … `Leave It to Beaver’ type things,” he said.

The idea for a show where “the parents weren’t losing to the kids” was rejected by other networks before NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff bought a revamped version of it, with the original blue-collar family now morphed into affluent professionals.

Given it’s five-year reign at the top of the ratings, it seems like I’m not alone in being glad NBC picked it up.

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