Farrakhan and Ayers Both Kept Quiet During Election

I was wondering when Farrakhan might weigh in on Obama’s election. Mostly, it’s fairly predictable stuff about unity amongst the victim class.

I do find this bit quite interesting, however:

In February, Farrakhan praised Obama, calling him “the hope of the entire world that America will change and be made better” at a Saviours’ Day event in Chicago.

But Obama quickly distanced himself from Farrakhan, denouncing the minister’s support during a presidential debate with then-Democratic rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Obama said he objected to Farrakhan’s past statements about Judaism, which many have considered anti-Semitic. Nation of Islam officials have said Farrakhan’s comments are often taken out of context. [Emphasis mine.]

And then:

Farrakhan, who said Obama draws a “oneness of spirit” from all people, admitted he stayed quiet about his support for Obama during the past few months out of fear his words would harm the Illinois senator’s bid for the White House.

So, Farrakhan can join Bill Ayers amongst the people who withheld their support of Obama for fear of influencing the elections. I do find it quite interesting, though, that Obama was willing to denounce Farrakhan for his anti-semitic remarks, but not Ayers for his vicious anti-American sentiments and, well, bombings.

Really, I think the whole thing bears looking into.

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