European Racism Suddenly Recognized by Mainstream Media

I can’t say that I’ve ever read a mainstream news account about European racism. Consider this story at the New York Times: After U.S. Breakthrough, Europe Looks in Mirror:

In the general European euphoria over the election of Barack Obama, there is the beginning of self-reflection about Europe’s own troubles with racial integration. Many are asking if there could be a French, British, German or Italian Obama, and everyone knows the answer is no, not anytime soon.

It is risky to make racial comparisons between America and Europe, given all the historical and cultural differences. But race had long been one reason that Europeans, harking back to the days when famous American blacks like Josephine Baker and James Baldwin found solace in France, looked down on the United States, even as Europe developed postcolonial racial problems of its own.

At least in recent memory, one would have to look far and wide to find a story in the mainstream press that’s positive toward American culture while simultaneously negative toward European culture. The differences in race relations, however, has become a recent meme–and by recent, of course, I mean since November 4.

Chalk it up as yet another aspect of the Obama effect. Put another way, in this case it’s what happens in the press when the Left gets control.

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