Crazy Person Thinks Government Should Provide “Business Planning”

This is kind of funny: No Bailout for Small Businesses… But How About Help with Planning? The premise? That government should help small business by providing business planning services:

So I don’t know how government really boosts small business. Sure, I have my opinions. Obviously we need the banks to start lending money again, and let’s hope the new administration restores the Small Business Administration because, when it’s out there guaranteeing loans, it does a lot of good. That’s just common knowledge. And this is just me, but I’m not worried about supposed tax hikes or healthcare costs in the next administration because I’d like having profits over $250K (what I call a high class problem) and we give our employees a lot more in healthcare than the government requires. We think every business should.

But how about this for a specific example: The city government of Myrtle Creek, Ore., is helping its small businesses do better business planning. And it’s helping would-be business start-ups do business planning, too.

I was there last week. Myrtle Creek is a pleasant town of about 3,500 people, just a bridge away from the interstate that runs along the West Coast from Canada to Mexico, about three hours south of Portland, about three hours north of the California border. The main street in Myrtle Creek, by the way, is named Main Street. That’s not metaphor; it’s on the maps.

I talked to City Manager Aaron Cubic and Deputy Planning Manager John Lazur, who came up with the idea. What they said was they wanted to help the local businesses somehow, and business planning seemed like a good idea.

Let that settle in a bit… Yes, you read correctly: government should help by providing business planning. Government. Provide business planning. To businesses.

Repeat it three times fast, and you’ll probably get dizzy.

All kidding aside, what this gentleman actually proposes is that government pay for business planning and tools such as those provided by his own company. Self-promotion is fine, of course, but I wish people like this would keep their narrow little altruistic minds off of my money.

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