Congress to FCC: Spend Taxpayer Dollars to Make IT Marketing Budgets Redundant

To further demonstrate their profound ignorance about the workings of the market:

The United States Senate has unanimously passed a bill that requires the Federal Communications Commission to explore what “advanced blocking technologies” are available to parents to help filter out “indecent or objectionable programming.” The “Child Safe Viewing Act” (S. 602) was sponsored by Senator Mark Pryor, Democrat of Arkansas.

“With over 500 channels and video streaming, parents could use a little help monitoring what their kids watch when they are not in the room,” Pryor said in a press statement following the passage on Wednesday. “Today’s technology to protect children from indecency goes above and beyond the capabilities of the V-Chip. It’s time for the FCC to take a fresh look at how the market can empower parents with more tools to choose appropriate programming for their children.”

Note to Congress: if parents want more technology to block their kids’ access to “indecent or objectionable programming,” then they’ll demand it and–guess what?–people will make it. That’s the beauty of a free market, and as a marketing professional, I’m here to tell you: I don’t need help marketing my products.

Then again, I guess I forgot: you’re not actually for a free market, are you? You’d rather be the ones determining what gets made, and by whom. My bad. I should just go back and crawl under my rock.

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