Ayn Rand: The Antidote to Collectivism, Altruism, and Irrationalism

So, Obama’s been elected, as expected, and the country has precisely the altruist/collectivist it wanted. The next four years, at least, will be difficult for those who believe in individual rights and laissez-faire capitalism. But, perhaps most important: the battle lines have been drawn, and it’s obvious what needs fighting for.

As Walter Williams put it:

There has always been contempt for economic liberty. Historically, our nation was an important, not complete, exception. It took the calamity of the Great Depression to bring about today’s level of restrictions on economic liberty. Now we have another government-created calamity that has the prospect of moving us even further away from economic liberty with the news media and pundits creating the perception that the current crisis can be blamed on capitalism. [Emphasis added.]

It’s capitalism that needs fighting for, and it’s the mainstream media, intellectuals on both the Left and the religious right, and our current political structure that we’ll be fighting against. Capitalism, reason, and rational self-interest are the three pillars of philosophy that need defending against the collectivism, irrationalism, and altruism identified by this election as being the foundation of American thought today.

Fortunately, Ayn Rand provided the philosophical foundation that we need in Objectivism, and the tools in her prolific writing, not the least of which are represented in The Fountainhead and, of course, in Atlas Shrugged. If you want to return America to its foundations, and beyond, then Ayn Rand is the place to start.

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