Automaker Bailout = Leftist Power Play

If anyone wonders what’s the Democrats’ game regarding a potential automaker “bailout” (and some Republicans, I’m sure), it’s about gaining power over another American industry, pure and simple. If anyone doubts that, read between the lines:

“Their board rooms in my view have been devoid of vision,” said Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn. “They have promoted and often driven the demand of inefficient, gas guzzling vehicles, and dismissed the threat of global warming.”

Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, spoke as Congress kicked off the first of two days of hearings over whether the government should extend a lifeline to the nation’s troubled automakers.

Consider that this specificially–“retooling” to produce vehicles running on alternative fuels–is a fundamental element of the Democrats’ plan. The fact that this is Senator Christopher “I Love Fannie and Freddie” Dodd talking merely cements the notion. The Left will take any chance it can get to expand its power.

Of course, it’s the position of this blog that the American automakers, as with any company, should feel free to go out of business, thank you very much, and to take the unions with them. In fact, I think wiping out such a corrupt organization as the UAW is well-worth the pain that might occur. The fact that the automakers’ problems are at least partly a result of government interventions (union protectionism, tarrifs, etc.) is ultimately irrelevant, because it takes real mixed economy businesspeople to run such companies into the dirt.

In short, they deserve whatever happens to them, and I don’t doubt for a second that the likes of Toyota, et. al., will be happy to step in and fill in the blanks. Who knows, perhaps one or more of the American firms will actually emerge from bankruptcty all the stronger for it. In any case, it’s certainly not my responsibility, or my family’s, to bear the burden of bailing them out. If we suffer from the incidental economic byproducts of their failure, so be it–at least then, we’ll be suffering for better reasons.

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