A Good Place to Start: Government Can’t “Fix” the Economy

Post-election task #1: educate the American people on the proper role of the President in “fixing the economy.” As this story suggests, many Americans just don’t get it:

When it comes to priorities, many polls suggest Americans want President-elect Barack Obama to fix the economy first when he enters the Oval Office in a little more than two months.

As Walter Williams put it, very simply and succinctly:

As far as the economy is concerned, presidents and Congress have little power to do good, but immense power to do evil.

Of course, the war won’t be won until the intellectual battles are over. As Ayn Rand put it:

If you are seriously interested in fighting for a better world, begin by identifying the nature of the problem. The battle is primarily intellectual (philosophical), not political. Politics is the last consequence, the practical implementation, of the fundamental (metaphysical-epistemological-ethical) ideas that dominate a given nation’s culture. You cannot fight or change the consequences without fighting and changing the cause; nor can you attempt a practical implementation without knowing what you want to implement. – The Ayn Rand Letter, Vol. 1, No. 7, January 3, 1972, “What Can One Do?”

All the same, this might be a good place to start a discussion…


, but this would be a good place to start.

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