The Prince and the Pauper

Compare this bit:

In Colorado, Obama reveled in his largest U.S. crowd to date, with local police estimating that “well over” 100,000 people packed Denver’s Civic Center Park and stretched even to the distant steps of the state Capitol. The enthusiastic sea of people prompted a “goodness gracious” from Obama as he took the stage. Another enormous swarm — an estimated 45,000 to 50,000 — greeted him in Fort Collins later on the perhaps aptly named Colorado State University lawn; it’s known as “The Oval.”

At each rambunctious stop Obama portrayed McCain as more of the same, saying, “For eight years, we’ve seen the Bush-McCain philosophy put our country on the wrong track, and we cannot have another four years that look just like the last eight.” [Emphasis added.]

With this bit:

McCain was trying to stay focused on his uphill battle amid new distractions.

Over the past few days, there has been finger-pointing inside the GOP over who is to blame for McCain’s struggles; reports of friction between his top advisers and aides for running mate Sarah Palin; and the continued fallout of the Republican National Committee’s $150,000 purchase of high-end clothing for the Alaska governor and her family.

Read the whole thing, and then decide for yourself if it’s balanced coverage or if the writer’s just a little bit too jubilant.

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