Saturday Night Live Throws McCain a Bone

I actually disagree with Little Green Footballs on this one. Saturday Night Live isn’t trying to “redeem themselves” for relentlessly going after McCain and, particularly, Palin. I believe that they’ve simply joined the rest of the Left in pretty much assuming that Obama’s already won the election, and they’re being magnanimous in that smug, Leftist fashion.

I’m guessing they likely figure, what the Hell, might as well throw the poor Republicans a bone, since they’re not going to get any for the next eight years.

Update: Actually, on watching the piece (I took LGF’s opinion at face value, above), I’m not sure it’s even throwing the McCain campaign a bone. To me, it seems like they’re making it so ridiculous, so beyond the pale, that it becomes so unrealistic that nobody could possibly take it seriously. Almost as if they’re presenting some straw man Republican extreme position that the Left, in its ivory white tower, can look down on and laugh at as some elitist inside joke.

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