Race Continues to Rear it’s Ugly Head

I’m beginning to read more and more about race as Election Day looms near. I haven’t studied it in any depth, but I am fairly certain that race was more of a subtext for the last few months (except, of course, for the odd claim by the Obama Nation that McCain is being racist according to 17th century uses of the word “plank,” or whatever). As of this weekend, however, it’s been getting more explicit, and I find that a bit troublesome.

The Chicago Tribune goes so far as to say:

Now pundits (on the right and left) are suggesting or flat-out saying that some black people may riot if Obama loses his presidential bid and foul play is suspected.

Of course, the key phrase here is: “and foul play is suspected.” The issue will be, who will be the arbiter of such “foul play,” and will it simply be assumed–and reported as such? If so, then we’re in for a long and bitter Winter.

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