Obama Spending Money Like a Drunken Sailor

Much, much more should be made of the fact that Obama essentially lied when he said he’d take public campaign funding. Here’s the first mainstream press article I’ve seen that mentions it, in the context of Obama running 240% (!) more ads than McCain in Florida:

The numbers underscore the dramatic fundraising advantage enjoyed by Obama, who reneged on his pledge to participate in public financing if his opponent did the same, and instead chose to opt out and raise unlimited funds. He’s piled up more than $600 million so far, and midmonth had about $66 million in the bank. McCain accepted public financing and is limited to spending $84 million, though the Republican National Committee has taken an active financial role. It spent $77 million through September on efforts to help the McCain campaign, and still has about $59 million in its accounts. McCain as of midmonth had about $25 million in the bank.

My god. $600 million dollars.* And people still have the gall to accuse the Republicans of supporting “big money”?

* Consider also that there are very real questions regarding the legality of Obama’s campaign fundraising in general.

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