McCain Swings, Misses

Again, a post to demonstrate that this blog is not a fan of McCain. From the candidate’s interview with Larry King

On race:

In a transcript of an interview taped for broadcast Wednesday night on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” McCain said people will vote “for the best of reasons, not the worst of reasons.” He said most people will vote based on who they want to lead the country.

Referring to people who might vote against Democrat Barack Obama because he is black, McCain added: “It would be a tiny, tiny, minority. Because people are hurting too much now. I mean, they’re worried about staying in their homes, keeping their jobs.”

Did McCain really mean to say that people won’t vote on racial line because they’re more concerned about the economy? In other words, that they would vote as racists if the economy were peachy? Sure sounds like it here, which makes this an astoundingly stupid statement.

Going back on his claim that Obama’s a socialist:

-Said he does not believe Obama is a socialist but that he has been “in the far left of American politics.” McCain and Palin have accused Obama of supporting socialistic tax policies that would redistribute the nation’s wealth.

Demonstrating he really has no clue what caused the financial crisis, and thus won’t support the right policies if President:

-Said he supported the Federal Reserve’s half-percent interest rate cut and said the key to spurring the economy will be restoring the housing market.

Calling into question his national defense credibility by isolating Osama bin Laden as a meaningful threat to American security (and playing to the Leftist straw man position that Osama still hasn’t been captured):

Returning to the issue of national security, seen as McCain’s strongest asset before the financial crisis overwhelmed the campaign, McCain stood with former military officers and national security advisers to ask rhetorically whether Obama had the wisdom and judgment to be commander in chief.

“The question is whether this is a man who has what it takes to protect America from Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida and the other great threats in the world,” McCain said. “He has given no reason to answer in the affirmative.”

All in all, a very poor showing. According to the transcripts, at least, McCain said nothing to dispel the notion that he holds a single valid principle.

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