McCain and Obama – Two Sides of the Same Coin

It may seem like this blog is pro-McCain, given how anti-Obama some recent posts have been. To help rectify that erroneous impression, here’s a bit from Capitalism Magazine on McCain’s fundamentally self-sacrificial sense of life:

…McCain sees America as the land of service, where our goodness is measured by our willingness to sacrifice. Is this America’s nature? If it is, then McCain loves his country, and we should support his plans to increase the sacrificial, socialist economic policies that he has advocated. But let us not fool ourselves about what we are supporting: a socialist vision of America that differs profoundly from its constitutional principles.


This is not America’s essence. America’s purpose is not a “more perfect” welfare state, but rather a more perfect union of free individuals. Let us then recognize that McCain neither knows nor loves America. He loves an image that is the very antithesis ofAmerica. As president he will “learn” to more strongly apply his “love” by shaping America into the image of his values: a nation of sacrificers.

There’s just not that much difference between McCain and Obama, at least not in the principles that matter most in this election. Where America desperately needs an infusion of rational self-interest, a renewed recognition of individual rights in our domestic and foreign policies, and broad support of a truly free market as the only antidote to the deadly government intervention that has caused the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression… instead  we have two men who differ in their worship of self-sacrifice only in that McCain is nationalist and Obama is socialist. Ultimately, it’s a choice between fascism (government control of the privately owned means of production) and socialism (public control and ownership).

One is tempted to assume that McCain would be better on foreign policy, particularly with regards to terrorism and emerging threats like Russia and Iran. But even if that’s true, it’s tempered by the ever-growing influence of the religious right on issues such as abortion, which is perhaps the clearest example of how the state can strip an independent human being of her right to self-determination. By picking Palin as his running mate, McCain demonstrated that he’s willing to submit to the religious base of the Republican Party. Obama makes appeals to religion as well, but his are as fake and shallow as McCain’s attacks on Obama’s socialistic tendencies.

In short, the choice this election is worse than ever. Unfortunately, the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been.

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