The Technology Left Shows Their Lying Eyes

And so, the Left, the supposed champions of privacy and the protection of private electronic communications, has broken into and posted the contents of Sarah Palin’s private Yahoo! email address. They did so in response to allegations that Palin used her private email address for government business. That, I suppose, is how they would justify their actions.

Of course, when a business monitors the use of its email servers by its employees in using their business email addresses, and takes action when users make use of company property to conduct personal business, the Left–as I would call it, off-hand, the technology Left–goes apeshit over the alleged privacy infringement. But, it’s fine to hack into someone else’s server and steal personal email and post it (also a copyright violation), for political purposes.

The Left never fails to astound, I must say.

Update: This was done by someone on the Left, but not one of the usual actors. At least, it wasn’t an organized thing. I’ll post back with anything I find where the tech Left decries this as the sort of thing they usually rail against when done by someone for any reason than to attack Republicans.

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