The Mac is NOT Better than the PC

That’s my headline, and I’m sticking with it. I’ll have more in the near future on the Mac vs. PC question, but the bottom line is: for getting real work done, both are more than sufficient. Vista is neither more nor less stable and capable├é┬áthan OS X, and in some ways is even easier to work with. Vista does more, while OS X does what it does better than Vista. It’s that simple.

In my opinion, anyone who feels differently either hasn’t used both platforms extensively, isn’t being completely objective, or uses their machines for very specific purposes. The latter would include graphics artists who use Macs, and businesspeople who use PCs–particularly businesspeople who us PCs in large corporate environments with enterprise solutions like Microsoft’s SharePoint.

Another quick note: I don’t regret buying my MacBook Pro. I use it and my Vista systems equally, and for different purposes. But were I to be forced to pick a single platform (meaning, a single OS, not including dual boot and virtualization), I’d have to opt for Vista. Of the two, Vista has more exclusive uses than OS X, and I couldn’t survive using just the latter.

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