The Left Pillories McCain and Loves It

The Atlantic commissions Jill Greenberg to take pictures of John McCain for their cover. Little know to McCain, one presumes, Greenberg is a raving Leftist. She takes a number of unflattering pictures of McCain, many/most of which aren’t used by The Atlantic.

Greenberg proceeds to post the pictures on her Web site, with an application that allows the visitor to add copy to them. Of course, the results are predictable.

Can you imagine how the Left would be howling if a magazine hired a known right-wing photographer to take Obama’s picture? Who took unflattering pictures of Obama and then posted them on his/her site and opened them up for manipulation?

I can’t stand McCain, but I’m pissed simply because of the manipulation and the mainstream media’s Leftist tendencies.

I won’t link to Greenberg’s site, but Google it if you must.

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