McCain Equates 9/11 Villains with Wall Street CEOs

Here’s one reason NOT to vote for John McCain. From ABC News:

“We’re going to need a ‘9/11 Commission’ to find out what happened and what needs to be fixed,” [McCain] said. “I warned two years ago that this situation was deteriorating and unacceptable. And the old-boy network and the corruption in Washington is directly involved, and one of the causes of this financial crisis that we’re in today. And I know how to fix it, and I know how to get things done.”

9/11 was a heinous, evil act committed by Islamofascists Hell-bent on destroying America. Implying that the attacks on the WTC are in any way similar–and require a similar kind of commission–is itself an evil act. McCain is not any better than Obama, and in many ways, he’s worse.

Of course, the current financial crisis was caused by evil actors–except, they’re in Washington, not on Wall Street.

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