Government Officials Blamed for Political Corruption — JK!

Let’s see…

Government agency with the power to initiate the use of force against private citizens. Check.

Billions of dollars in benefits that can be handed out by employees of said agency. Check.

Private citizens with the knowledge and capital to utilize resources on publicly-owned lands, but who rely on said employees to utilize them. Check.

Leftist assertion that the problem lies not in the ownership of such resource by “the government,” and the use of force in divvying it out, and the concentration of such power in the hands of most likely inept and bumbling public officials, but rather in the private citizens who face no prospect of doing business other than currying political favor and giving out bribes. Check.


“This all shows the oil industry holds shocking sway over the administration and even key federal employees,” said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla. “This is why we must not allow big oil’s agenda to be jammed through Congress.”

You want to get business out of government? Then get government out of business. Otherwise, let the games continue.

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