Joining the (out)Crowd – No iPhone for Me

I’m a recent kind-of convert to the Mac platform (although I’ll be outlining in an upcoming post why I still don’t like Apple), and would consider an iPhone except for the following issues:

1. No tethering. What’s the use of all that speed on an f’ing phone? Seriously: what would I be doing on an iPhone that benefits from megabit download speeds? If I could tether the thing, however, suddenly it starts making some sense. For now, my Sprint Mogul works plenty fine as a broadband modem, providing enough speed for anything I might want to do while away from a real network.

2. Only 8GB? Seriously: charge me a few hundred dollars more, if you want, but don’t limit me to 8GB. Another advantage of an iPhone would be using it as a single device, but 8GB simply isn’t enough to make it a reasonable video player. So, if I have to use my Zune  (which I’d prefer in any case) to enjoy decent storage, I’ll stick with my Mogul as well.

3. AT&T only. Nothing in particular, but I’m just not a fan of AT&T. Call me freaky if you will, but I’m fine with Sprint. And since my wife uses Sprint, as does the rest of our family, I won’t be switching any time soon. Those unlimited PCS-PCS minutes are too hard to give up.

4. No subscription service. Not only is my Zune a better music and video player (the iPod Touch and iPhone are both cool, but I can’t imagine using either with my eyes closed; plus, I think the Zune just sounds better), but the Zune Marketplace offers a nice subscription service for $15/month. Since I respect intellectual property and an artist’s right (or that of those with whom an artist contracts) to control their property, I couldn’t live without a subscription. I like to experiment, and would spend far more than $15/month on bad music at $.99 or $.79 a pop. And, I’m not an idiot and therefore am well aware going in that I don’t “own” the music and will give it up if I cancel my subscription–and I’m cool with that.

I suppose that’s all, really, but it’s enough. The iPhone looks nice, and I’ve grown accustomed to multitouch on my MacBook Pro, but there’s just not enough THERE there to make me switch. Personally, I think others will agree, and so my prediction is: the iPhone won’t have the world-changing impact so many are suggesting.

Of course, someone might write some really cool software that does something I can’t live without, in which case I’ll change my tune pretty quickly. And if so, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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