Infinite Goods Meet Immovable Vehicles

I’ll have more, I’m sure, on the entirely ludicrous “infinite goods” excuse for software piracy*, but I found this story very ironic. It seems that some Lefty independent bands are having a hard time making money from touring because of gas prices.

I mention this because one of the ideas of the aforementioned theory is that by giving away an “infinite good” like digital copies of music, intellectual property owners (e.g., bands) can sell more of the “scarce goods” that they can control, such as concert tickets. So, I find it fascinating that some musicians can’t make any money from touring because of the price of gas–and further deepening the irony, the cost of fuel has been driven up at least in part by their Leftist compatriots’ past efforts to curb domestic energy development.

*I’m not going to delve into the whole “infinite goods” thing just yet. I haven’t the stomach for it at the moment, and every time read this and other (nauseatingly similar) essays by Mr. Masnick, I feel like I’m going to hurl. It starts really going south just about when he puts up a particular Jefferson quote (it’s in the link above)… Here’s a news flash for you, Masnick**: no serious proponent of intellectual property thinks that “ideas” should be copyrighted, and so your using this quote in this context without further clarification or support is just offensive.

**And, in case you read this: defend yourself in the moment; don’t just provide links to other essays where you’re supposed to have said something brilliant to refute the point at hand. As far as I can tell, all of your essays point to other essays which point to yet other essays, and I think you’ve gained the traction you have merely because your opponents grow tired of trying to chase down every random thought you’ve ever had on a topic.


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