Bush Democrats Plundering Iraqi Oil

Okay, that’s not exactly what the email from said. Here’s the most pertinent snip, though:

“On Thursday, 80 Bush Democrats voted to give George Bush another $163 billion to occupy Iraq and plunder its oil for another year, even though 68% of Americans want to bring our troops safely home this year.” [Emphasis added]

Now, I’m not aware of any actual plundering going on. I wish there were–if we were getting Iraqi oil, even on the cheap, I’d be much more favorably disposed towards Bush. I find nothing wrong with the idea that the Iraqis could pay us back a bit for freeing them from an evil dictator by giving us a break on some petroleum products. Put another way: the billions we’ve spent could and should be recouped somehow.

Note: this post is at least somewhat tongue-in-cheek. This blog is not actually in favor of the “war” in Iraq, nor of President Bush, nor of how the “war on terror” has been conducted. I don’t actually believe that we could retroactively, morally, force the Iraqi people to pay us back for our actions–that’s one of the more practical reasons why we shouldn’t go to war unless our interests are directly at stake. Freeing the Iraqi people is not and never should have been a legitimate reason for spending American lives and treasure.

My opinion: Saudi Arabia should spend most of its time and energy pumping oil to pay for the WTC while begging for our continued mercy, and Iran should be a parking lot. A glass parking lot.

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