Cody’s Books: Good Riddance

Cory Doctorow, this blog’s least favorite writer (and, in my view, a traitor to the cause of intellectual property), laments the passing of Cody’s Books, a bookstore in Berkley.

I’m guessing–just guessing!–that this bookstore was a haven of Leftist elitists pounding bongos and engaging in cooperative bouts of oral diarrhea. In short, while espousing platitudes about “free speech,” really it was a place where one went to feel like one was intellectually pure–untainted by the Man–while in fact only anti-Americans and anti-capitalists and anti-humans were welcome.

To see it decimated by, first, large corporate book chains and then, second, by Amazon, a deliciously capitalist and truly “democratic” organization, is poetic indeed. One can buy ANY book at Amazon, and at decent prices. Wanna be a Leftist? Fine, we have plenty for you, says Amazon. But, if you want to support your right to your own life, we can help you out there as well.

And so I’m glad–freaking ecstatic, really–to see this likely horrid (and perhaps just a little sad) hold-out of the hippy era finally pass into its own dark night. Because that’s where such ideas belong.

Cody’s Books of Berkeley, RIP, and it’s about time.

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