OS X vs. Vista

I’ve heard so many attacks against Microsoft’ Vista OS, which I’ve been using since the earliest beta, and at the same time so much from the Apple fanboys about OS X, that I decided to run both and report on how much better Vista is and how OS X isn’t all that. Starting with installing OS X on my Dell XPS 420 using a hack (which works remarkably well and isn’t so bad given my purchase of Leopard for $129), and then subsequently purchasing a MacBook Pro, I’ve actually come to a somewhat different initial conclusion than I’d anticipated.

Namely, Vista really does have issues (which I already knew, but more on that later), and OS X, while not all that, is definitely better than I’d thought. Of course, given that I spent $2,000 on a Mac that was otherwise nowhere in my plans, it should be obvious that this little test has blossomed into something else.

My first hint that things were going a bit awry was the obvious delta in startup times. Where the Dell would take forever, it seemed, to boot to a usable state, OS X on the same hardware (and, hardly optimized for it) took something much less than a minute. The difference was rather stunning, and when I boot into Vista now I find myself quickly running out of patience. And, I have just as much running on OS X, at least intentionally, as I do on OS X, and so it must be a combination of Vista itself and all of the unwanted startup processes that have plagued Windows machines for so long.

Don’t misunderstand: I retain my utter dislike for Apple and its fanbase, which I will talk about as time goes on, and I still don’t believe that Vista is nearly so bad as it’s made out to be. I’m also required to use Windows at work, also on a Dell XPS 420, and thus I’ll continue this test by working intensely in both environments. Therefore, this “test” will continue, and I’ll continue to report. I have a feeling this might be a seriously on-going project.

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